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I’m a part time thinker and a full time thought. Undesired writer, sought after failure. A soft musical note in the heads of those that I once called “friend”. The tree growing from the concrete looking for nothing more than some simple sunshine…

Probably one of my better vacations with my girl hayleymorganx3. Love ya baby girl.


Crumpled newspapers become my carpet as the maggots eat away at my fingers. A flower rests neatly on my forehead, the sunshine can’t reach my half eaten bagel.

Respiratory problems convert my vents into a suction cup for my fears. Distinctive marks they once called “lacerations” cover the the dark parts of my body. A shallow grave holds my letters I never sent. Rest in peace to my mind.

I thought I’d add my words to the poem my girl hayleymorganx3 wrote up (also it was her first feature so be sure to give the original a little love). Bold is me and small print is her.

"As I lie here in my bed,
you are already somewhere in dreamland.

God if only you knew where I was, as I toss and turn in my sleep sack attempting to turn off today’s hardships.

My empty arms await for your return.

My body awaits the warmth of your touch.

The army has given you a passion,
it’s taught me patience.

The Army has given me you and nothing is better than knowing that you are mine.

Nights when I tremble in fear are just
“long days” for you.

Days when I can’t hear your voice, are the moments when I question everything but then I remember you’re on the other end waiting so patiently and suddenly things aren’t so bad anymore.

My mind is under construction, 
it’s becoming stronger for you.

You’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

As others try to brainwash my thoughts, I just ache for you more.
I don’t have to give it a second thought;
I will always be waiting at home.

No matter what your love will guide me home to you.

Arms wide open just for you
and your tender love.

My mind set on loving you and making sure you don’t have to wait too long. 

this life becomes so much more excellent once you forgive yourself for the things life has made you feel indecent about…

your quirky snarling attempts at crowding together your thoughts at three in the morning while listening to music you could only hope to taste with your mind in a dream you will eventually have tonight…

raindrop kisses, drip into your ears as the sunlight kisses the horizon that you have set out to watch but never have taken the time to find…

your fingertips become more and more heavy as you type away your thoughts only to regret the mistakes in the words you chose the very next morning…

this repetition is beautiful and so are the thoughts that you planted into the minds of the many people you have dreamed of…

idk part 1 of infinity 

climb into my thoughts with me

swallow my dreams whole and laugh

make my toes curl all night

run around my house breaking stuff

call yourself my shadow, my reflection

Spending the weekend at Disney World

do you wanna build a pizza…yes it has to be a pizza

“Question nothing. Give up everything. Follow my lead. I set your standards.”
— Society

made up dreams seep into my paper as I write you letters that you will never read. the rains soaks these boots I wear and parts of me can be found in the river you tossed me in.

Hello, my name is Hayley Cox. Colin is asleep right now but I hope when he sees this it puts a smile on his face…that sincere smile that puts all the light in my world. The one where his brown eyes light up like sparklers on the 4th of July.

I just want you to know that I love you more than anything in this world and nothing is ever going to change that. I would never hurt you. Until you stop doubting it, I’m not going to stop reassuring you. I hope you found me in dreamland. Love you cookie monster.

-your donut princess

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